What makes your furniture standout from other competitors?

All furniture products sold by Javellling  are very high on quality. Since we are direct manufacturers, we have made sure to hire only highly skilled and experience craftsmen & carpenters. Their skill and experience helps us in creating exquisite and unique collection of French furniture products. Not to mention all our high-quality and luxurious products are immensely affordable. In fact, our affordable pricing makes us easily stand out in the highly competitive market.

Do we sell outdoor furniture?       

Yes, we sell outdoor furniture. We mainly deal in synthetic wicker furniture, outdoor teak furniture and stainless steel furniture. Just like our indoor furniture products, all our outdoor furniture offerings exude with exemplary and enduring quality.

Do we sell custom made furniture?

Yes, we deal in custom made furniture. Javellling  has put in place highly talented team of interior designers to offer our customers the best possible customized furniture products.

Do we offer home delivery services?

We would like to request all our potential customers to carefully read our delivery information. The delivery information page has been listed at bottom of this website.

Do we have return and refund policy?    

Yes, we have return and refund policy for almost all our products. We request all our customers to carefully read ‘Return policy’ section to know more about the same.

How is Javellling  contributing towards environmental conservation?

Javellling  is extremely sensitive about environment conservation. We strictly adhere to Indonesian government’s strict policies with regards to replanting. We also use great amount of recycle teak woods that is mainly sourced from demolished houses, boats etc. This noble practice certainly helps in saving great number of trees every year.